Is There Love After Life?

There’s a reason why you’re reading this.

You know there’s something greater out there. You’ve seen the signs that the universe has been sending you. You defy the notion that we’re simply physical beings and nothing more. You can feel energy and sense when loved ones are trying to tell you something. The cardinal you see perched on your tree every morning is not a coincidence, and you know it.

But no one else really understands what you’re feeling. Your friends and family are all concentrating on the physical aspects of life: their careers, cars, savings accounts, bills, and doctors visits. They don’t believe in energy, spirits, and immortality.

That’s because they’re not like you. They don’t feel what you feel, or see what you see. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. These feelings can be overwhelming and confusing, and you want to learn what’s really going on, how to access your true potential, and why our physical world is the way it is.


You’ll learn more than you ever have from the internet, books, or the psychic you found on the boardwalk just from the 3 days at Heal With Spirit.

This retreat features some of the most enlightened, experienced, and talented spiritual healing veterans in the world, all in the same room with you to answer your most pressing questions about life that you’ve never been able to get straight answers to. 

Conference Overview

Presenter Johnny Dunn gives an overview of the Heal with Spirit virtual conference. Johnny will be speaking about energy and how we’re all connected.


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Everything you’ve ever done has led

you to this moment

Heal With Spirit is 100% virtual for your safety during COVID and will take place October 23-25, 2020. 

You could expect to pay a price of $425, $755, or even over $1,000 on average for similar conferences that typically only last one day. We are offering you three (3) days for only $225.

Because we allow our participants to ask our instructors one-on-one questions and receive personal readings, we are capping the class size before it gets too large.
If you’re ready to learn more about yourself in 3 days than you ever will in your entire lifetime, then sign up for Heal With Spirit right now. We absolutely cannot wait to meet you and help guide you on your spiritual journey of healing and enlightenment.